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Train to Teach!

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 Are you interested in teaching?

Find out about our School Direct teacher training programme.  Join our team and train in the classroom, working alongside inspirational teachers.  Become, not just a teacher of today, but a leader of tomorrow.

See our School Direct page to find out more or email Clare Peers:  cpeers@ourladyofpity.co.uk 

You are also welcome to arrange a visit to our Lead School, see the learning as it happens and speak to current School Direct Associate Teachers. 

Upcoming Courses

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We are planning to put on courses next year to enable teachers already using the Singaporean approach to take their understanding deeper. We will be using the research we have conducted to help teachers develop their knowledge and understanding of key elements.

  • 'Developing communication, collaboration and questioning in the maths classroom' - 2nd November 2016
  • 'Practising core skills in maths: understanding arithmetic and mental strategies' - 18th January 2017
  • 'Teaching problem solving and using the bar model' - 22nd March 2017

See our Teaching School's website for more details.

INSET Training in Singapore Maths

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Do you have new staff starting in your school?

This 3-day training course is designed for teachers starting in schools who are already using the Singapore approach to maths. The course is designed to enable teachers to transition into your school as smoothly as possible, training them in the underpinning principles as well as going through important practicalities.

Day 3 is on 28th September 2016.  Now Fully Booked!

The package also includes some time for an SLE to work alongside your new teachers in the classroom. For more information about package prices, please e-mail deeplearningtsa@gmail.com.


Teaching Fractions with Maths No Problem!

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Teaching Fractions - May 2016