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Absence & Illness

What to do if your child is ill

Children develop illness. As a school we want to support you with managing your child's illness and getting the best advice.

  • If you child is ill please either contact the school office by phone (677 6262) or via the website here to let us know that they will be absent from school.  It is important that this is done on the first day of your child's absence before 9am.  It would be helpful if you could estimate how long your child will be absent for or alternatively ring on the consecutive days of absence to update the school on your child's progress.
  • In cases of infectious diseases, it is essential that we are informed.
  • If your child has diarrhoea OR sickness, he/she should not return to school for 24 hours after the last bout of illness. 
  • If a child becomes ill during the day, his/her parents or carers will be contacted. Therefore, please let us know immediately if you (or named emergency contacts) change your address or telephone number.

We may also be able to give you advice on managing your child's illness and whether they should remain off school.  

School Absence Form


Information from the Government's Public Health guide for Infection is included in this section.  You can follow the link found at the bottom of the page if you require to read further.

There is no need for children to stay off school if they have cold sores, conjunctivitis or slap cheek.  These are not highly contagious and would only be transmitted through inappropriate contact. However, each case will be dealt with on a individual basis and parents may be advised to keep their child  at home if there is a further risk of infection to others. 

We do stress to parents that these and other illnesses may present risks if you are pregnant, have a low immune system or are receiving medical treatment.  If this is the case for you or your child please seek further guidance from the Health Protection Agency, from our School Nurse or  from your GP.

Government's Guidance Information for Infection Control in Schools