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Internet Safety

The school takes its responsibility to ensure the safety of children as they explore and become familiar with ICT, the internet, mobile devices and mobile phones. The school E-Safety Policy is regularly updated and you can view it by clicking here.


New digital technologies offer a wealth of opportunities for children and young people – they can learn, create and communicate in ways that we would never have imagined when we were younger! Today the online world is very much part of children’s lives – they are ‘growing up digital’, with technology embedded in every aspect of work, life and play.

As parents and carers, our natural desire is to keep our children safe. In every aspect of development – from learning to cross the road, ride a bike or swim – parents must teach, guide and support their children: the online world is no different.

The best defences against any online risks are openness, awareness and education: talk with your children about their online lives, share their experiences and learn from them, help them to use technology positively and responsibly, and give them boundaries, guidance and support.

Here are some websites which you may find helpful if you are talking to your child about internet safety or for you to find out more as a parent/carer.