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After School & Lunch Clubs

There is a wide choice of after-school and lunch clubs for the children to take part in and these will vary each term. Clubs run by our school are available to purchase via your ParentPay account. For general club information letters and information about external providers please refer to individual club letter or click here.

Most of the clubs start and take bookings at the beginning of a school term.

If you book your child/ren into a club, you are advised to keep hold of the booking letter and make a note of the last date of the club.  If for any reason a club is cancelled, you will receive a text message and the children will be advised to follow their normal home arrangements (i.e. get the bus or be collected on the playground).


Spring Term 2020 club timetable 



Morning Club

8am – 8.45am

Lunch time French Club

See Note 3

After School

3.30pm – 4.30pm

After School

3.30pm – 4.30pm




See Note 1

After School 



Y1, Y2, Y3

Fencing Club

Y 1


Y1, Y2 Football Club


Y 5-6 Netball Club

Year 4

13/1/20 - 23/3/20

Drama Club (See Note 4 Below)


Reception Multi Games Club.

No kit is required for this club, just pumps or trainers.

Y3-Y6 Chess Club

(See Note 2 below)



Y3 – Y6

Fun Sports Club


Y 1


Y 3 – 4 Netball Club


Y 3 – 4 Football Club

Year 3

14/1/20 – 24/3/20



Y3 – Y6



Y 3-6 Fencing

Y 3– 6 Fun Club

Year 6

15/1/20 – 25/3/20



Y2 – Y6 Yoga 


Y3- 6 Hockey

Y3- 6 Street Dance and Hip Hop

Year 5

16/1/20 – 26/03/20

Y 1 &  Y 2 Art and Craft Club


Y3 – Y6

Tag Rugby


Y3 – Y6  Karate


Y5 - 6  Football Club







Note 1:  Cookery Club does NOT run in the first or last weeks of a term, please contact to go on the waiting list.

            Note 2:  Chess Club please contact the to go on the waiting list.

            Note 3:  French club please ask the school office to contact Madame Craine.

            Note 4:  For Drama Club Contact Justine Marnie on 07751 267557 or