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Head of School

Mrs B Galloway - NPQH
Role: Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Peers - NPQSLNASENCO, SLE, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N McShane - NPQML, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Lockett - NPQSL

Mrs E Johnson - NPQSL RE Lead 

Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance and Maths Hub

Mr A Ash - MA in Teaching and Learning 
Role: Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub Lead

Mrs F McCrudden-Bruce 
 Maths Hub Project Co-ordinator

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) 

Mrs C Peers - SLE Early Years 

Mrs E Easton - SLE Maths 

Mrs K Williams - SLE Maths 

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Role: Teacher, SENDCo, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Foundation Stage


Mrs N McShane NPQML
Role:  Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S McMahon 
Role:  Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Main Site

Miss A Cooper


Year 1

Mr D Evans NPQML
Role:  Teacher

Mrs A Stark
Role:  Teacher

Miss G Billington
:  Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 2

Miss H Smart

Mrs E Johnson NPQSL
Role:  Teacher

Mrs C Peers NPQSL
Role:  Teacher, SENDCo, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 3

Miss A Jones

Miss E Morris

Mrs K Williams SLE
Role:  Teacher

Year 4

Mrs E Easton SLE, NCETM PD Lead Accredited
Role:  Teacher

Mrs G McGregor
Role:  Teacher

Mrs J De Groot
Role : Teacher

Year 5

Mrs J Rowlands
Role:  Teacher

Miss S Adams
Role:  Teacher

Year 6

Mr A James NPQML
Role : Teacher

Mrs H Lockett NPQSL
Role:   Teacher

Mrs K Shannon


Teaching Assistants


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)

Mrs E Bolger

Mrs H Edwards

Mrs D Fitzgerald

Mrs C Withinshaw

Mrs P Esclapez

Teaching Assistants (TA)

Mrs M Redfern

Mrs M Roberts

Mrs J Scully

Mrs L Waddington

Mrs P Wood

Mrs G Boyle

Mrs C Brearley

Mrs J Byrne

Mrs P Gillbanks

Mrs M Kowalska

Mrs F Dabek

Mrs S Woodward-Williams  

Mrs A Moscrop

Miss E Rowlands


Emotional Literacy Support Assistants - ELSA 

Mrs C Withinshaw

Mrs P Esclapez

PE and Sports Staff

Mr D Evans
Role:  PE Teacher

Mr P Hayward
PE Coach

Music Staff 

Mrs H Lockett - Music Lead 

Mrs C Mayer - Peripatetic Music Teacher 

Visiting Peripatetic Music Teachers 

 - Mr J Burke 

- Mr G Thomas 

- Mr M Gray 

- Mrs H Jones 

Office and Admin Staff

Ms J Harvey

Mrs M Kowalska

Mrs F Southam

Mrs U Waters

Kitchen Staff

Mrs S McDowell - Catering and Hospitality Manager

Mrs C Riley - Assistant Cook 

Mrs J Charlett - Catering Assistant 

Mrs L Dixon - Catering Assistant 

Mrs L Parry - Catering Assistant 

Ms K Williams - Catering Assistant 

Midday Assistants

Mrs C Taylor  (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs S Durham

Mrs  G Locke

Miss L Murphy

Mrs M Redfern

Mrs J Scully

Mrs H West

Bus Escorts

Mrs S Durham

Mrs J Mercer


Mr C Parry 

Main Site (Greasby)

Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School,

Rigby Drive,


Wirral CH49 1RE

0151 677 6262

Annexe Site (Hoylake)

Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School,

Birkenhead Road,


Wirral CH47 5AF

0151 632 1908