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Year by Year: F2 to Y6

Curriculum Design - A Narrative Approach


Our curriculum is conceived with real-life experience at its heart. National curriculum outcomes are mapped out in this context, incorporating the knowledge and skills to be gained in every year group. 


With this mastery principle in mind, we have woven our areas of learning into a "Curriculum Story" for each year group from Foundation 2 to Year 6 so that, over time, through repeated, progressive experience, the children grow and develop their knowledge of core and foundation subjects.  This gives all learning a meaningful context; learning flows from one topic to another.

Topics are not just linked, they become interconnected chapters, woven together in a cohesive narrative, over-learning enabled through supportive curriculum booklets. These tailored compilations layer and revisit key knowledge and vocabulary over time, with a feast of texts, classic and modern, cementing learning through the deepening of contextual understanding.


Impact can be seen in every classroom at every moment of the day and is measured against national markers, such as SATs.  We know that progress in learning means 'knowing more' and also 'knowing how to know more'.

Children know more and remember more because the narrative curriculum supports revision of key concepts. Children are taught to add to their knowledge bank through reading and simple research.

Read, Read, Read, Read, READ!

Our approach is, 'Read wherever possible, rather than tell.' When we want to direct the class, present a problem, offer information, issue an instruction... wherever possible, we do this by reading rather than speaking. Choral reading plays a major part in all learning - maximising the amount of purposeful reading experienced by every child, every day.

Story has always been the ultimate teaching vehicle. Whether it be in the form of a parable to explore right and wrong, a story problem to launch a maths lesson or the exploration of a deep theme through a powerful novel, we use story to make learning, and life, meaningful.

Please note, topic titles for history, geography, science, design technology and computing refer to the Rising Stars resources, which are used throughout the school. 

Our school uses the Jolly Phonics programme.  A range of reading schemes is used so that books are carefully matched to the pupil's phonic development.  Online reading books plus reading schemes work in tandem to develop phonic decoding, fluency and comprehension skills.

What is my child learning?

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For more detailed information about each subject of the curriculum please look at Curriculum Subject Statements.

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